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Sunday, August 23, 2009


She hadn't known she'd slept with the boss. But the next morning Jewel Henley learned the exotic stranger who'd swept her off her feet was her new employer, Piers Anetakis. And before she could explain, Jewel found herself without a job…and pregnant.After five months Piers had finally tracked down his one-night lover. Determined to explain the mistakes that had been made, he was confronted with an undeniable truth. Jewel was carrying his child. His Greek honor demanded they marry. Yet was there more between them than lust…and was it enough to make their marriage of convenience last?


I enjoyed this book, it was a nice ending to a good mini-series. I really enjoy Maya Banks writing style. She always makes sure her readers get both characters point of view.

However, it's not a novel that made a huge impression. There was nothing that grabbed me and sucked me in. I was disappointed, because I felt that there was so much potential for the story that just didn't happen.

The characters were well written, and the dialogue was satisfying. What bothered me was you never really find out much about Jewel's past. An her friend, Kirk, just seemed to come out of the woodwork then disappeared just as quickly. When it came to Piers, though, Banks was more forthcoming with his past. It felt like I was just getting to know him...then BAM! The end. I was like, "that's it?!" "NO!!" it was such a shame because it felt like it ended right after the climax, with no real conclusion.

Overall, it's a worth while read if you have started the series. It's light and fairly easy going, so if your in the mood for a traditional romance novel this is the book you might want to try. MATURE CONTENT BE ADVISED

Cover: 4.5

Plot: 3.5

Characters: 3.8

Writing: 4

Overall: 3.9


  1. A Buckeye Girl Reads said...
    These are my favorite kind of shilloutte books. I haven't read one in forever-I may just have to start reading them again.
    Eli said...
    This looks like a pretty good series. I really haven't read any Harlequin books, but I do plan to get into their new Teen books! Interesting review. :)
    Patti said...
    I've seen this one around, might have to check it out!

    I left you an award over at my blog:
    Danni said...
    Thank you Patti! :)
    Adrian LaRoque said...
    Great, what more can I say!

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