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Monday, August 10, 2009

50 Follower Contest!

I'm so excited about reaching 50 followers that I have decided to host my first ever contest! I have selected four books and there will be three winners. The winner who comes in first place will have the choice of which two books he/she would like. Here are the books I have selected:

Be With Me by Maya banks

Three men. One woman.

Hutch Bishop, Cam Douglas, and Sawyer Pritchard were juvenile delinquents with a reckless and wildly sexy side. But they had more in common than that. They had Regina Fallon, a wealthy but lonely girl from the right side of the tracks who formed an unusual friendship with the boys. She felt protected. She felt needed. She felt loved… for the first time in her life. By all three.

So much closer than just friends.

Today, she’s a police officer, dedicated to her badge, and wary of reigniting her relationship with the hot trio after one night of passion left her confused—and stunned—by what they wanted from her. But when a mysterious attempt is made on her life, Hutch, Cam, and Sawyer jump in to protect her again. Now, Regina and her three lovers are forming an all-new bond. It’s more exciting, more intense, and—as a killer looms in the shadows—more dangerous than ever before.

When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy

It's been a hell of a day for Abby Barlow. In just a few hours, she's survived an explosion, watched her employer die, had a startling dream, and now she finds herself in a seedy Chicago hotel with the sexy, unearthly Dante, a man she both desires and fears. For 341 years, Dante has stood as guardian to The Chalice, a mortal woman chosen to hold back the darkness. A terrible twist of fate has now made Abby that woman. Three hours ago, Dante would have used all his charms to seduce her. Now she is his to protect. And he will do so until his very death. A terrifying plan has been set in motion, one that will plunge Dante and Abby into an epic battle between good and evil - and a desperate race to save their love...

Touch of the Wolf by Susan Krinard

Braden Forster, Earl of Greyburn, promises his fierce grandfather that he won't allow their family werewolves who are "a breed apart from mankind, but living among humanity"to become extinct. In 1860, Forster's grandfather charges him to restore the purity of his clan's blood through shrewd intermarriages. Fifteen years later, Cassidy Holt, the Forster family's distant cousin, travels from the deserts of New Mexico to the earl's secluded estate in the north of England in search of her mother's mysterious past. Unable to transform into a werewolf at will, Cassidy disappoints her new-found familyespecially Forster, who has arranged for her to marry his younger brother. However, despite his well-laid plans for the family, Forster finds he cannot resist Cassidy's impressive beauty and courageous will. Cassidy, too, falls for the earl, whose intense passion brings her to the realization that she is also capable of transformation.

The Bride Hunt by Margo MaGuire

Her life is in the hands of a man she dares not love . . .

Lady Isabel Louvet is a woman of noble birth, wit, courage, and beauty. But though these qualities make her an excellent bride, they cannot save her when, on the night she was meant to choose a groom, wild Scottish brigands storm the walls of her father's castle. As what should be a celebration turns to terror and bloodshed, Isabel is carried away from her family to be offered to a Scottish chieftain as a slave . . . or worse.

But unbeknownst to Isabel, she has a champion, a feared warrior and knight of legend named Anvrai d'Arques. His visage bears the scars of battle, but his heart remains pure in its devotion to country and king—that is, until he sets out to rescue Isabel. Her fierce spirit of survival stirs his passion more than combat ever could, and with her touch his world forever shifts. Now, with the Scottish on their heels and a country on the brink of war, they must go forth in battle together—to save themselves, to protect their countrymen, and to find a love that can set them both forever free.

The contest will end September 11th at midnight. :) I'm also adding signed bookmarks of Rampant, each winner will get one.

1+ for becoming a follower

2+ being a follower (this applies to my first 52 followers)

3+ for posting about this contest or adding a link onto your sidebar

2+ commenting on which book appeals to you the most


  1. Anonymous said...
    Yay, Danni! You go girl! Don't enter me because I have these books, but I wanted to congratulate you! People follow because you have a wonderful blog :)

    Taschima Cullen said...
    Already Follower!

    Any one of them appeal to me!

    Mandi said...
    Congrats!! I'm a follower and I will pimp it out on my sidebar.

    I think When Darkness Comes intrigues me the most:)
    Patti said...
    Congratulations! I'm already a follower and put your contest on my sidebar.

    The Bride Hunt looks pretty interesting...
    A Buckeye Girl Reads said...
    Congratulations on getting 50 followers-that's a huge achievement! When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy grabs me the most..I've read Touch of the Wolf and it's one of my favorites.
    Jessica (BookLover) said...
    When Darkness Comes appeals to me the most. Or maybe... Touch of the Wolf. Or maybe... All of them.

    I am already a follower. :)

    I have posted a link to your giveaway on my sidebar.

    Eli said...
    +2 I like the Maya banks one. xD

    +3 for adding this to my sidebar.

    +2 for being a follower!

    Lexie said...
    +1 became a follower
    +3 for posting to my sidebar (http://lastexilewords.blogspot.com)
    +2 for which appeals the most:

    When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy--two reasons. 1) Hey she has my name (the author that is!), yes I'm kind of shallow like that XD and 2) it just sounds downright sexy awesome times :D

    laughingwolf said...
    coolios, danni :)

    will post your contest once i complete this note ;)

    with my moniker, guess which book i'd opt for? and being part scot, which would be my second choice?
    but i love the cop and three lovers idea, too... decisions, decisions :O lol
    Eva S said...
    Great looking blog, and so beautiful!
    I love Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon too, looking forward to visiting you again!

    I'm a new follower and I'd love to read Maya Banks

    eva.silkka at gmail.com
    I Heart Book Gossip said...
    Please count me in.

    1+ for becoming a follower

    3+ adding a link onto my sidebar

    2+ I'd love Be With Me and When Darkness Comes

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com
    Anonymous said...
    great contest
    would love mayas book
    love contemp book

    Sheere said...
    Great contest!

    1+ for becoming a follower

    2+ the one I like the most is Touch of the Wolf by Susan Krinard. Werewolves are sexy!

    Fiction Vixen said...
    1+ new follower

    3+ I blogged about your giveaway: http://fictionvixen.blogspot.com/2009/08/romantic-harbor-giveaway.html

    2+ When Darkness comes sounds like something I'd love to read. A Touch Of Wolf sounds good too!

    Congratulations on 50+ followers and good luck to all that enter. :)
    JennJ said...
    Hi Danni! I just wanted to say I love your beautiful blog! The background is just goregous! And big congrats on the 50+ followers that's awesome hon they know a good thing when they see it! ;)
    Please don't enter me as I have these books great reads and a grat contest good luck all!

    Amy C said...
    HI Danni,
    Congrats on having your first contest!

    Please don't enter me. I just wanted to pop in and wish you a good day!
    Kristine said...
    I'm a new follower, and the Maya Banks books looks best to me!
    pirate penguin said...
    2+ I'm one of those 52 followers! ;D

    3+ this is going on my sidebar, most definetely.

    2+ All of them sound really good...but I'm especially intrigued by the first two.

    Cynthia said...
    "Be With Me" by, by Maya Banks,
    sound exciting and a little different than the usual.
    A female cop as the lead and three
    men, hopefully each with different personalities to deal with.
    B.J. Anderson said...
    I think "The Bride Hunt" sounds good because I'm such a sucker for a historical. Love them! Great blog and beautifully put together.
    Okie said...
    congrats on 50 followers

    great accomplishment
    Mari said...
    I am a follower...
    Thank you for offering this wonderful contest!

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com
    Morning Glow said...
    +1 I became a follower! New to your blog, and this was too cool to pass up!

    And +2.. I think "Be With Me" by Maya Banks looks the most interesting.. The cover is quite yummy as well!

    Morning Glow

    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com
    etirv said...

    + 1 - I'm a new follower!

    + 2 - I think The Bride Hunt appeals to me best. Can't resist Scottish knights and warriors in an old fashioned historical novel!

    Anonymous said...
    congrats on 50 followers(you're almost at 100 now)

    +1 new follower

    +2 When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy appeals to me most.

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...
    Congratulations on your growing following and for stopping by for a visit!

    I'd love to be apart of this contest to celebrate.

    +1 I've become a follower
    +3 You're contest is now featured at my Contest Bar Dirty Martini's on the house!
    +2 Be With Me looks like the hottest book on your list... multiple men, oh yes please!

    Happy Reading - Miranda
    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com
    Erotic Horizon said...
    Hey Danni..

    Sorry I am late to the party.. Congrats on your first give away... and now 83 follower.

    Pleased don't enter me... I have read three of those books and some lucky person is really in for a treat...

    Congrats again...

    throuthehaze said...
    count me in please

    +1 follower

    +2 Touch of the Wolf appeals to me

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com
    Marie said...
    Congrats on your first giveaway!

    I would love to read any of the first three -- they all sound wonderful!

    I am a new follower.

    cfisher said...
    +1 follower +2 comment
    I love Maya Banks!!! Congrats on your sucessful blog!!
    chey said...
    All of the books sound great.
    +2 When Darkness Comes intrigues me the most!
    +1 I became a follower

    chey127 at hotmail dot com
    Alexa said...
    1+ for becoming a follower
    3+ sidebar:
    2+ When Darkness Comes seems really interesting!

    Anonymous said...
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