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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Kat Petroski has a weakness for swoo. That indescribable charm guys from the wilder side have. Not that falling for it has worked out for her, since she-s a twice-divorced mother of two. So she-s got an early-warning swoo alert. Then Jack Treadwell walks into her life.

Between his motorcycle and his adventure-seeking attitude, Jack has all the trappings she can-t resist and should. Still, is that the real Jack? Something tells her he may be more dentist than biker. But is he father material? Because swoo aside, Kat-s a mom first. And the man who wins her heart must first win over her boys.


This book started off interesting enough, I liked the characters and storyline. Yet I never felt the love between Jack and Kat, in fact up until the last two chapters of the book they continued to refer to each other as strangers. Neither one viewed the other as "the dream", living up to their expectations. I also had hoped that Kat's sons would have had a bigger role in the story, yet Jack can't stand children? Though the author did a wonderful job showing how much Kat loved her boys it seemed that she was continuously shipping them off to her friends houses.

I love reading stories where both the hero and heroine have shared a past life together, but I didn't like that I didn't know this was going to happen and the author did not announce it at all. I went from reading about how the heroine went to sleep to turning the page reading about a completely different character. It really confused me.

I liked that at the end of the book all the characters worked out all the issues that were holding them back. Jack surprised me the most, I honestly didn't see him coming around the way he did. I really felt that Kat let her ex's walk all over her for no reason, but was glad that at the end she finally stood up for herself. I think this book is for anyone who knows what it's like to grow up in a somewhat dysfunctional family.

Cover: 4

Plot: 3

Characters: 3

Writing: 3.5

Overall: 3.4


  1. Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...
    Great review :)
    Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...
    You always make me want to read more romance stories. I love romance.
    Danni said...
    Aww thanks you! Romance always puts me a a good mood, I'm a sucker for happily ever after's lol.
    Eli said...
    Interesting review! I don't think it's really my thing, but I enjoyed your review. :)
    Nina said...
    Thank you for your review! The book sounds great.

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