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I'm a total bookworm and a romantic at heart. I'm also a little bit of a paranormal nerd so I absolutely love books that are about creatures of the night and allow me to submerge myself into a world of fantasy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hey everyone sorry I've been MIA for awhile been dealing with some personal issues regarding the opposite sex, which hasn't really put me in a romantic mood lol. But I'm back now!! An to kick it off tomorrow I'm hosting a blog blitz with Escape with Romance through the Home Shopping Network! They will be giving away four books for those who comment on the blitz tomorrow, so please stop by and check it out, following the blitz (on Sunday) I will be posting a review of Land of Falling Stars by Keta Diablo. :)


  1. Eli said...
    Sounds great and welcome back! :)
    Danni said...
    It will be, defiantly come check it out!!
    Houston A.W. Knight said...
    I always enjoy your post!
    Awesome as always!

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